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We encourage you to submit original work that emphasizes the role, application, and impact of visualization in data science. Accepted submissions have the opportunity to present at VDS IEEE VIS, and will be archived in the IEEE Xplore digital library (associated publishing fees may apply). This event accepts full and short paper submissions for talks.

Special Theme for VDS’24

This year we have a special theme soliciting contributions concerning ‘Data Science in the Age of AI’. We encourage authors to submit their work involving systems, techniques, studies, and theories relating to the relationship between AI and data science work. Unlike previous years, we also encourage the submission of position papers if they belong to the special theme. If you are submitting a position paper be sure to clearly state so in the abstract.

Contributions to VDS that do not concern this theme are still encouraged.

Submission Types, Formatting, Reviews

Full Papers (up to 8 pages)

Paper submissions should describe the role, application, and impact of visualization in data science. We would like to particularly encourage papers that cross disciplinary boundaries and show how visualization in data science can be a catalyst for discovery. Accepted papers will be archived in the IEEE Xplore digital library (associated publishing fees may apply)

Papers that integrate visualization with any stages of the data science pipeline (collecting data, cleaning data, mining data, exploring data, and communicating data) would be welcome as submissions to VDS.

Short Papers (up to 4 pages)

We also accept short papers with similar themes to those described in the Full Paper track above. We welcome short papers that concisely present finished work and works in progress that show robust preliminary results.

We encourage authors to submit position papers as short papers. Position papers submitted as long papers will still be considered, but they may be desk rejected if the argumentation and coherence of the work are not commensurate with the submission’s length.

Paper Submission and Formatting Guidelines

Submissions should be no more than 8 pages long excluding references for full papers – and 4 pages for short papers, also exclusive of references. Appendices and supplemental materials are encouraged but not required and do not count against the page limit. The use of appendices should be judicious and not for unnecessarily extending the length of the paper. Papers should follow the formatting guidelines for IEEE VIS TVCG Journal submissions. Papers should include full-color figures throughout, and we encourage authors to showcase their work with annotated, well-described, large, and detailed graphics. We also encourage the placement of a teaser image at the top of the very first page to showcase your work visually.

In addition, we plan to recommend extended versions of selected papers to a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG). We are more likely to recommend long papers fto TVCG, but exceptions may be made for truly outstanding short paper submissions.

Review Process (Double-blind)

Paper submissions will be managed by the Papers Chairs and sent to the Program Committee to evaluate the work’s novelty and significance. Your work is reviewed via a double-blind process; to do this, simply exclude all identifying information in the submitted manuscript file, ensuring that the reviewers will not know the authors’ identities. Otherwise, the review process will be single-blind, i.e., the reviewers will know the authors’ identities, but the authors will not know the reviewers’ identities.

Encore submission policy

Authors with works that have appeared at other non-archival venues, for example as poster submissions or at prior workshops, are welcome to submit their work to VDS. We recommend that authors disclose prior presentations, and we may reject work we discover has already been published elsewhere (e.g., as archival conference or workshop proceedings). Submissions hosted on pre-print servers (ArXiv, OSF) are fine. VDS is an archival venue and your accepted work will appear on IEEE Xplore.

AI-Generated Content Policy

VDS follows IEEE guidelines on the use of AI-generated text, please consult the full policy ahead of submitting your work. We paraphrase high-level considerations here, which require authors to disclose the use of AI agents in generating text, figures, images, and code. The use of AI for making syntactic and grammatical edits to the manuscript is permitted, and disclosure is recommended.

If the Paper Chairs strongly suspect that the entire manuscript was generated by an AI, we reserve the right to desk reject the work, and authors will be given an opportunity to rebut the decision.

Submission Systems & Dates

Submission System

To submit a paper, please use the Precision Conference System. After logging in, go to “submissions”, and please make the following selections: “VGTC” (Society) -> “VDS 2024” (Conference/Journal) -> “VDS 2024 Papers” (Track) for VDS 2024.

Important Dates

Sat, Jul. 6th, 2024 11:59 pm AOE: Paper and Abstract Submission

Fri, Aug. 9th, 2024 11:59 pm AOE: Author Notification

Thur, Aug.29th, 2024 11:59 pm AOE: Camera-ready Copy for Accepted Submissions

TBD: VDS Workshop at IEEE VIS